Long time no posts

It’s been a long time since I posted anything because we’ve moved again, so instead of Canadian Immigrants, we’re now immigrants to Ireland - more to follow on that. However to kick things off here are our initial observations about the things that really stand out it Ireland . . .

  • ┬áSmoking - it’s just incredible how many of the population smoke, and they do it everywher. There are huddles of them outside doors to most buildings, and on the streets it seems that everyone you walk behind is puffing out noxious smoke.
  • Cell phones (mobile phones) - the Irish are totally wedded to their cell phones. They drive whilst using them, shop and everything else. The conversations are so inane and pointless too. I’m sure it’s just boredom, they don’t seem to be able to endure a moment without some form of stimulation.
  • Traffic congestion - the roads are so narrow and winding and there is so little parking that it’s a nightmare to drive. In many cases it really is quicker to walk.
  • Lack of ‘joined up thinking’ in government. Take a couple of examples - there is a hefty tax on plastic carrier bags. When a store gives you a plastic bag, you the customer have to pay the tax, which means that stores do not give bags unless you ask for one and pay for it. However, there’s no such tax or deposit on plastic drink bottles. The result - shopping is really inconvenient but the streets are littered with hundreds of plastic bottles and pop cans.

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