Complaining about a solicitor (in the UK)

Have you ever felt that a solicitor has . . .

  • overcharged
  • charged an extortionate amount for what looks like very little work
  • taken too long doing work
  • not responded to your enquires about progress
  • been dismissive of your legitimate protests
  • not given you value-for-money

Do you want to tell the world about it?

I’m thinking about putting together a website about people’s complaints about solicitors, so I would be grateful if you would comment on this post to let me know of your interest.

If the interest is there I will go ahead.

Here’s what Which? said in their last report; this is on a really interesting site about very serious misconduct by solicitors, give it a read! What we all need to do is write to our MP and say it is totally wrong for the Law Society to police solicitors when it is run by solicitors, for solicitors. We need an independent body NOW!

I will be putting together some pages detailing my complaint about Clarkson Penhale Solicitors, based in Morecambe, for public viewing in the near future. It might help anyone trying to choose a solicitor.

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