More smoke and mirrors from the Blair government

Anti-social behaviour in the headlines again - you know when things are going badly for the government when they bring out their smokescreen. It used to be foxhunting, a subject guaranteed to raise passions because people have such strong views about it, and in real terms, that is how it affects the everyday lives of people it’s totally insignificant and unimportant; but it makes people talk, and more important, it diverts their attention away from important issues.

Anti-social behaviour affects us all, but government action is not going to solve it. Government action is certainly the cause - supporting parents’ rights against schools, giving more rights to children etc, but now that those things are part of our lives we can’t take them away easily. It used to be considered the duty of all adults to discipline children, for example if there was unruly behaviour in the street then any passing adult would have had sharp words with the children and the generally things would have been sorted out. Teachers could have given offenders a sharp reminder to behave.

Not so now. If another adult tells children to bahave they will get a mouthful of cheek and more than likely an angry parent harassing them and telling them to mind their own business. So how is society going to tackle these young hooligans - certainly not by legislation or ‘getting social workers involved sooner’.

Blair and his cronies know that, but can talk about anti-social behaviour knowing that they have a receptive audience  who want this problem addressed. Blair can talk all he wants knowing that he doesn’t need to do anything except stir people up.

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